Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WINNOWING the first Wheat Crop

Cleaning the combine-- I just missed an excellent shot of just his legs sticking out of the hopper. One must keep a clean machine and blow out all of the material between grain harvests--natch!
In go the grains/out goes the chaff...

We have tarps down to catch the blown-off material for the chickens; those lucky chickens.

View from inside as the grains come down the tube to the bin.

Does keep those pesky coyotes down...
More live wheat action. Mmmmm--lotsa good food for the year. We ground and ate some in crepes immediately after processing, and boy were they delicious.
This year's wheat harvest is mixed with a lot of volunteer barley from last season....pretty much contaminating the load--but it still tastes fine.
A panel from "Diggy The Derrick", whose story will soon be up in full online at

The fish lady, an old painting of mine; here for no particular reason.
Same for Heino-buddy here.

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