Monday, May 14, 2007

50 CHICKS 50 / the balls of FLUFFINS arrive

EXTRA! EXTRA!-- With a mighty din of peeping, the chicks have arrived!
UPS called and we went to go get the 50 fuzzballs of love.
Ceramic chickens look on from a nearby coop.

They fan out in a wave of pecking, peeping, charging and foraging.
Meanwhile antique celluloid hens sit in the shade, so as not to melt or deform.
"Ready or not- here we come!"
Following are many merit badges from the 1940 Boy Scout manual. I love the old printing and odd shades.
You can't squeeze just one.

CHEF wandered by, holding his buddy, and watched the new chicken house being finished up.
Thirsty after their long plane ride.
Nestling in a pool of sunlight.

Salt and Pepper Hen checks in, with two huge eggs she somehow painfully laid.
Widescreen Chick Action!

Mom watches from above.
And that's about all for this quick EXTRA update; I'll leave you with this chart of hobo signs, useful for your future trips by rail. "Easy Mark, Sucker" sure reminds me of something...
Until we meet again- "PEEP! PEEP! . . . PEEP!"

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